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Windows 7 Candidate software expiry

If you downloaded the test version of Windows 7 early last year, known as the Windows 7 Release candidate, and you’re still using it, it’s now time to take some action. The software will expire on the 1st of June this year, however from this month users will notice some changes. From March 1 computers running the Windows 7 release[Read More…]

Help with Uninstalling Programs

In most cases, uninstalling a program from your PC is easy…in fact it usually takes just a few mouse clicks and you’re done, however uninstalling doesn’t always completely remove all traces of programs. You may be left with files, folders and other data that serves no other purpse than to add more junk to your hard drive…and you wouldn’t even[Read More…]

Technology to cut down your Phone Bill

Making your phone calls using the Internet is a great way to shave dollars off your monthly bills. Many Internet service providers and telco’s now offer Internet Phone or VOIP services, that allow you to make and receive calls via the Internet, using special box that plugs into your broadband modem. If you have an ADSL broadband connection, you will[Read More…]

Upgrading your Computer Monitor

When buying a computer system, you may have the option of upgrading many components such as the Graphics Card, Hard Drive Capacity or amount of RAM intalled, but another peripheral you should consider upgrading is the Monitor. If you like to have multiple windows open at the same time, then an upgrade in monitor size will be worth the extra[Read More…]

Should we have an R18+ classification for Video Games?

If you have an opinion on this topic, or would like to know more about it, head over to the Attorney-General’s department website now. On the website you can read the discussion paper that contains arguments for and against the introduction of an R18+ classification catatory for video games in Australia. Public sumbissions on this issue are being taken until[Read More…]