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Digital Cameras – Panorama Mode

Digital Cameras – Panorama Mode

For those times when you want to fit into a single photo, having a digital camera with a Panorama mode is very handy. In older Cameras, taking a Panoramic photo would involve snapping individual shots and then stitching them together on your computer, however all the hard work can now be done inside the camera. The Sony Cybershot TX1 is[Read More…]

Alternative Web Browsers

In the recent attacks against search giant Google, it was reported that hackers used a security hole in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. While this may have prompted some users to look for safer alternative web browsing software, Microsoft simply recommends simply updating to the latest version of Internet Explorer. Now for those still keen on seeing ‘what else is out there’,[Read More…]

“Back to School” Internet Security Guide

Internet security company AVG has published a free ‘back to school’ guide on their website to help parents be more aware of the ever changing threats to PCs. I also spoke with Lloyd Borrett from AVG Australia / NZ on Friday about the guide and some of the things that parents and students should be aware of. You can listen[Read More…]

Apple announced the “iPad”

Today Apple unveiled it’s new tablet computing device that’s looks like an oversized iPod touch…but it has many more features. Earlier today I spoke to the Daily Telegraph’s technology writer, Steven Fenech, who is currently in San Francisco covering the announcement from Apple. Listen to the interview HERE

Intel 2010 Core Processor family explained

At the Intel launch event in Sydney last week I spoke to Intel Australia’s Marketing manager, Kate Burleigh, who explains the differences between the new Core i3, i5 and i7 processors which are now appearing in new computers. Listen Here.