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Intel launches 2010 processor lineup

Intel launches 2010 processor lineup

Intel has just launched their new 2010 Processor lineup. The new range – i3, i5 and i7 will make it easier to identify exactly what you’re getting in terms of performance when you buy a computer (desktop or notebook). i3 = entry level i5 = mid-range i7 = high performance Look out for these when you next shop for a[Read More…]

Buying from the U.S with ComGateway

Shopping online is a great way to find items that are either hard to find or simply aren’t sold here in Australia, however you may find that many U.S based stores simply don’t offer International shipping.   A good way to get around this is to use an online service like that can either make a purchase on your[Read More…]

Sony “Bloggie” Camera coming next month

Capturing video and sharing it with the world was made easy thanks to websites such as, however there are also come great compact video cameras on the market that make sharing video clips even more simple.   Sony is about to release the “Bloggie”, a simple and compact camera that records both 5 megapixel still images and High Definition[Read More…]

Telstra annouce new Wireless Broadband plans

Wireless Broadband is enjoyed by many users in large city areas as a convenient way to get online when they are away from home, however if you live in an area where ADSL or Cable broadband isn’t available, a Wireless connection may be your only option.   Last week Telstra released new pricing details for the Wireless Next G Broadand[Read More…]

What’s coming to XBox360 in 2010

Today I spoke to Jeremy Hinton from XBox Australia about some of the recent announcements on what’s coming up for the XBox360 this year. Listen to the interview HERE.