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Using Google to share files

What’s the best method of sending a large file from one computer to another via the Internet? Well if it’s over 5 megabytes, generally sending it via email is a big no-no, as many corporate email systems that will reject large attachments. is a good alternative, allowing you to send files up to 100 megabytes in size for free…and[Read More…]

Facebook Virus Warning

Over 400 million people now use the Facebook website, however its success does come with problems for the social networking giant. Facebook has become a magnet for cyber criminals trying to cash in on the large user base to steal personal and financial information. A password stealing virus has been doing the rounds recently, disguised as an email from Facebook[Read More…]

Upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7

Upgrading to Windows 7 from Windows Vista is a simply process for most users, however if you currently run Windows XP and are looking to upgrade to the latest PC operating system, it’s not so straight forward. Actually there’s no upgrade option for XP users – you need to backup all your important files and do a full Windows 7[Read More…]

Did someone say “Coffee”?

Did someone say “Coffee”?

Intel launches the ‘Intel Health Guide’ in Australia

Perhaps best known for their computer processors, Intel has entered the world of health technology in Australia with the release of the Intel Health Guide – a remote patient monitoring device for who need chronic illness care. I spoke with Dr. George Margelis, health industry manager at Intel Australia about the device. Listen to the full interview HERE.