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Improving your Hard Drive’s performance with Defraggler

Why does defragmenting your computer’s hard drive make your system run better? Well, when you fill a bucket with water, it fills from the bottom to the top. Your computer’s hard drive fills up in a very different way with programs and other data spread across different locations across the entire drive. Because of this, a cluttered computer can take[Read More…]

Nintendo Wii Games for the Family

If you’re looking for some good videos games that everyone in the household can get into, here’s a couple of recommendations for the Nintendo Wii. New Carnival Games for the Wii re-creates classic carnival side show games from basket ball hoop shots to target shooting and even bumper cars with over 30 different games for up to 4 players. Wii[Read More…]

AVG PC Tune-Up Software

A new product from AVG to get your PC running better. Here’s a tip – grab the trail version first. It will allow to you do a single scan and fix and problems at no cost. See for full details.

A Red Nintendo Wii and some cheaper Playstation Hardware

Video Games news for this week includes a limited edition RED Wii from Nintendo, some price drops from Playstation and Telstra’s T-Touch device.

The Social Network

Ever wondered about how and where the popular social networking site Facebook started? “The Social Network” is a new movie in cinemas that explores the history of Facebook, including the court cases involving individuals who claim the idea for the website was stolen. Tyler Winklevoss, who once hired Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (and claims that Mark stole the idea for[Read More…]