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Samsung Galaxy S5 will have fingerprint reader

Samsung Galaxy S5 will have fingerprint reader

Fingerprint recognition on a smartphone isn’t just for iPhone5S owners. When Samsung launches its Galaxy S5 in April it will be equipped with a fingerprint reader that will move password security out of your head and to your thumb…or any other finger. This finger scanner will also work with paypal for online and in-store payments. Other features on the Galaxy[Read More…]

Mobile payments on the rise

Online shopping and payments are big business.  According to a new industry report report from PayPal the online retail market has grown 11 percent year on year since 2010 and mobile payments have grown by more than 5000 percent. The driving force behind these figures is the development of technology that enables retailers to operate online while taking advantages of[Read More…]

New PayPal Mobile App – Video Tour

The latest update to the PayPal mobile app for Windows, Android and iOS devices is more than cosmetic (although it does look nice too). With fast access to businesses in your area that accept PayPal payments and ‘order and pay ahead’ services the App realises the idea of the digital wallet. There’s a brief tour.

Growing your business through online payments

Thanks to the Internet we’ve seen a trend of cross-border shopping growing over the last few years, but it’s not just Australians shopping online from other countries, it works both days. According to a new report from PayPal 18 percent of cross-border shoppers from America will spend 2.3 billion dollars on Australian goods this year ,2.3 billion dollars of sales[Read More…]

How your digital wallet can help you beat the queue

Jumping the queue for your morning coffee or not having to wait for someone to take your order at a restaurant may sound like a dream, but the power to do it is all inside your mobile device. Thanks to partnerships between hospitality point of sale systems and PayPal you can now check in and order ahead from participating cafes[Read More…]