PayPal Here_Card Reader with Phone

In just a couple of weeks time they way many of us pay at the checkout will change but research reveals that not all aussie businesses are ready.

From August 1 signature verification on credit cards is being phased out so the only option you’ll have is to use a PIN at point of sale…however the recent research from PayPal has found that 54 percent of small to medium businesses don’t accept chip and PIN credit and debit payments.

Naturally paypal has come up with a solution for this.  It’s a small card reader device that enables any business to accept payment via smartphone or tablet and it uses chip and PIN technology.

PayPal Here is a mobile App that when combined with a bluetooth Credit card reader can be used to take secure visa or mastercard payments from your customers face to face.  

Originally released in 2012, the updated version of PayPal here is designed to work with Chip and PIN credit card payments but also has the ability to log cash sales and even generate invoices, all using equipment that fits in your pocket and can travel with you anywhere.  More information and to register for PayPal Here can be found at