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How your digital wallet can help you beat the queue

Jumping the queue for your morning coffee or not having to wait for someone to take your order at a restaurant may sound like a dream, but the power to do it is all inside your mobile device. Thanks to partnerships between hospitality point of sale systems and PayPal you can now check in and order ahead from participating cafes[Read More…]

National Cyber Security Awareness Week – Interview with PayPal Australia

May 20 – 24 is National Cyber Security Awareness Week – An initiative by the Australian Government along with industry and consumer organisations to educate people on how to use the Internet safely and protect their personal and financial information online. Today I spoke with Adrian Christie from PayPal Australia about their part in securing financial information and he shares[Read More…]

PayPal replaces the ‘Tin Rattler’

An increase in the use of mobile payment technologies for charity donations could signal the end of the old ‘tin rattler’ on the street corner. Recently I spoke to Emily Birks from PayPal Australia about the popularity of PayPal, especially on the mobile platfrm, for charity donations. Listen below. PayPal Interview with Emily Birks April 2013

Holiday bookings and payments popular onmobile

More Australians are booking holidays online, paying for them online…and doing it on a mobile device. According to figures from PayPal Australia, not only are mobile platforms now more popular for booking holidays, but mobile payment is becoming THE way to pay, increasing 16 fold last year compared to 2011. What this comes down to is 1 out of every[Read More…]