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Mac User – Think you’re safe from Net Nasties?

If you think that just becuase you use a Mac computer you are 100% safew online…think again. Lloyd Borrett from AVG Australia puts that myth to rest in the following article. Mac users can install free Link Scanner software on their systems to help them avoid Malicious websites.

Before you sell your old Computer…

If you’ve just bought a new computer and are thinking of selling off your old one…here are a couple of things you need to do first. Simply deleting files and folders isn’t enough if you don’t want to share andy personal information stored on that computer with the new owner. The act of deleting simply makes data disappear from view,[Read More…]

Telstra offers new Tech Support service

Buying a new computer, TV, iPod, Games Console or other gadget can be fun…however the experience can take take a sour turn if you have problems setting up your new purchase. Some recent research by Telstra revealed that Women are more likely than men to give up installing a new gadget because they find the instructions daunting, however men are[Read More…]

Gran Turismo 5 – Out now for Playstation 3

Gran Turismo 5 – Out now for Playstation 3

The much anticipated Gran Turismo 5 arrived in stores for Playstation 3 this week. I spoke with Patrick Lagana from Sony Computer Entertainment Australia about some of the features of this amazing driving / racing simulator for Playstation 3. Listen to the Interview here – Gran Turismo 5 Interview with Patrick Lagana

The Ultimate Toy for iPad / iPhone owners – The A.R Drone Quadricopter

Just launched in Australia, the Parrot A.R Drone. It’s a remote controlled Quadricopter that’s controlled by iPhone / iPad / iPod touch. The AR Drone is also armed with on-board cameras, beaming back vision to the ‘pilot’, but these cameras are also enable the Quadricopter to become part of augmented reality games on the control device. The Parrot AR.Drone is[Read More…]