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Solid State Hard Drives – What’s the Difference?

Many new Notebook and Netbook computers now come standard with solid state hard drives, or you have have the option to upgrade to one…but what’s the difference between one of these and a traditional hard drive? Well for years we’ve all been using magnetic hard drives that use layers of spinning metal disks to store information and there are plenty[Read More…]

January 21 – The Week in Video Game News

Desktop Ergonomics – Your Comfort & Health

I’ve just received an email from Tash who would like more information on having an Ergonomic workspace to help avoid pains and strains. Microsoft’s own in-house Ergonomist has some great tips in this area – If you hare having problems with discomfort at work, please do bring it up with your employer to help find the best solution for[Read More…]

The Importance of “Logging Off”

I recently sat down with security evangelist Lloyd Borrett from AVG Australia to talk about the importance of logging off properly when using your computer.

Little Big Planet 2 – Out on January 20 for Playstation 3

Little Big Planet 2 – Out on January 20 for Playstation 3

One of the first major video game releases for 2011 is Little Big Planet 2, which arrives in stores on January 20. Today I spoke to Siobhan Reddy, studio director at Media Molecule about what we can expect from the sequel to the massively popular PS3 game from 2008. Listen to my chat with Siobhan here – Little Big Planet[Read More…]