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5 Technologies that will change your life over the next 5 years

IBM recently announced its annual Five in Five list. It consists of Five new technologoes that IBM predicts will improve our lives within the next Five years. Here’s what’s in store for us… 1) Become a citizen scientist Technology in sensors will allow typical citizens to gather and contribute invaluable environmental data to scientists for analysis. 2) Get there –Now[Read More…]

Shopping online – As heard on ABC Ballarat today

This mornnig I had a chat about shopping online with Steve Martin on ABC Local Radio Ballarat. Here are some of the key points from our chat. What you can and cant buy online You can buy just about anything you can think of from your weekly groceries to real estate, in fact the only thing that you cant buy[Read More…]

iiNet Top Geek Competition Update

I’m currently competing in iiNet’s Top Geek competition and have made it into the final 20 who are not battling it out to be awarded the title of ‘Top Geek’. Our first challenge involved inventing (in concept) a Gadget or App, then creating a video to pitch the idea. While we wait for the judges to decide who will go[Read More…]

Recovering your lost photos

When it comes to computer problems, there’s nothing worse than the feeling when you realise that you’ve accidentally deleted important, irreplaceable files! Last week I received an email from Russell who had just done a factory reset on his windows computer, not realising that this would delete all of this digital photos. Luckily,all was not lost and as Russell acted[Read More…]

Valentines Day Warning

You should always be weary of any unusual or unexpected email, especially when on special occasions such as Valentines Day. AVG Austraia warns that “A surprise e-card could contain a whole load of heartache in the form of a hard drive hack designed to steal your identity. That online flower purchase might only deliver problems through credit card theft. And[Read More…]