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Video Game Addiction – Expert Opinion

With fresh stories of Video Game Addiction making news recently I decided to seek a professional opinion on the topic. I found Dr. Andrew Power from the Australian Centre of Hypnotherapy who shares some insights to the world of addiction. You can find more information at

Report: Kids Speak Out on Cyber Safety

The Norton Online Family Report, released today, is a good reminder for parents to plug in to their kids’ online lives, if they’re not already; especially with kids spending an average of 10 percent more time online per month than last year. The report follows a survey of 2,800 kids and more than 7,000 adults in 14 countries about their[Read More…]

Playstation announcements from E3 in Los Angeles

Playstation announcements from E3 in Los Angeles

This week in Los Angeles, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is delivering the future of Video Games with news of upcoming software and hardware. Today I caught up with Michael Ephraim, the Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment in Australia, to chat about the latest announcements from Playstation in L.A this week. You can listen to the interview HERE. Fore[Read More…]

National Cyber Security Awareness Week

National Cyber Security Awareness week runs until June 11. Visit the official government site at There’s more good reading with AVG’s “Ultimate Guides” on everything Internet Security related too – Stay safe! Andy Wells

Buying a Notebook Computer?  Do your homework

Buying a Notebook Computer? Do your homework

Today I spoke to Kate Burleigh, the National Marketing Manager for Intel Australia on the topic of Notebook PCs and what buyers should be on the lookout for when considering a purchase. Listen to the full interview HERE. During the interview Kate mentions Intel’s “Get smart before you buy” guide. If you’re not up to speed on what all the[Read More…]