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The Computer Mouse turns 29

April 27 marked the 29th anniversary of the very first publicly available computer mouse in 1981. A year later Microsoft introduced its first computer mouse, however it was only 11 years ago that we saw the demise of those frustrating mice with the little rubber ball inside. Read more about the history of Computer Mice HERE.

Aussies spend up big on Tech goodies

Australians are spending up big on the latest gadgets, parting with 5.9 billion dollars for digital technology last year alone. Canon’s Consumer Digital Lifestyle index reveals that our love affair with LCD TVs continues, making up 38.1 percent of tech sales in 2009…up a whopping 40 percent over the previous year. Other popular gadget buys included Video Game consoles which[Read More…]

Nintendo Wii Price Drop!

Nintendo has announced that from today (29 April 2010), Wii™ – the biggest selling home console of the current generation – will be available in Australia for only SRP $AU299.95 (Previously Wii was SRP $AU399.95)

Telstra T-Hub Phone

Telstra T-Hub Phone

Telstra is adding more cababilites to the traditional home phone with the intrucution of the T-Hub, Australia’s first touch screen home phone. The new internet connected device will also give you access to the latest news and weather forecasts as well as listening to Australian radio stations via the internet radio. You can even view YouTube videos on the T-Hub.[Read More…]

TV Embraces the Internet

With people spending less time watching TV and more time online, it only makes sense that Television Manufacturers get on board with the changes in viewing habits. Last week Sony launched their first Bravia TVs featuring Internet Video. This means you can watch additional channels such as catch-up TV and YouTube, directly on the TV in your living room. Sony[Read More…]