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Canon launches Photo5 Competition

If you’re looking to do something creative with your digital camera, Canon recentlymlaunched their annual EOS Photo 5 competition. To level the playing field, all registered entrants recieve a box containing the same items and a brief on each one. Entry closes on Monday the 21st of September for the 5 briefs, however registration for the ‘open brief’ closes on[Read More…]

Tokyo Game Show 2010

Tokyo Game Show 2010

I’m currently at the Tokyo Game Show in Japan! You can watch my video reports and interviews from the event at

Flight Control comes to Playstation 3

The multi-millions selling game “Flight Control” has been a runaway hit for iPod touch, iPhone and Nintendo DS…and this week it arrives for Playstation 3, making good use of the new MOVE controllers. Alexandra Peters from Firemint talks up some of the features in Flight Control HD for Playstation 3.

Monitoring your Mac’s Hard drive

Here’s a handy tool for Mac users who want to keep an eye on how much hard drive space their music, movies, photos and other data is using up. It’s called “Space Control“, and once installed this application will continuously monitor your hard drive and display the amount of free space in the menu bar of your Mac’s desktop. You[Read More…]

Who’s free to call on your Mobile Network

Some mobile phone networks allow customers to make free calls to other users on the same network. If you’re an eligible customber of 3 or Vodaphone then here’s an application that will help you find out who to call for free. Once installed, the Who2Call app re-creates the contact list on your mobile phone, adding either a Vodafone or 3[Read More…]