Tempted to buy up some Bitcoin, Dogecoin or other Cryptocurrency?

With a single Bitcoin now priced at just over the the 70 thousand dollar mark (well this week anyway) and other crypto currencies seeing hundreds of percent gains in a short period of time recently, you may be tempted to throw some of your hard earned money in… but do your homework first!

Now,  I’m not even talking about the financial side of it (that’s not really my beat), I’m talking about the technical side of cryptocurrency.
Depending on how you buy and store it, you need to understand how to keep these digital assets secure as you can quickly lose them through hacking or scams…or if you forget a password on pass phrase.
People have even lost thousands even millions of dollars in cryptocurrency, just by misplacing a hard drive.  

It’s key to have  a good understanding of how to store, secure and access Cryptocurrency along with the financial risks also.   As a starter you’ll find some of the basics around storing cryptocurrencies here – https://cryptonews.com.au/where-to-safely-store-your-bitcoins-alt-coins