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Preparing for the worse case scenario with your Computer

Do you even think about what would happen if your computer simply stopped working tomorrow? How would it impact your life, what important files or memories would you potentially lose and how much will it cost to bring it all back? These are the questions you should actually ask yourself when you’re buying and setting up your computer. Think about[Read More…]

Free mobile messaging with Facebook

Text messaging has evolved over the past few years to the point where you no longer have to pay your mobile provider per message if you use the right application. For iPhone users, the built in imessage application can determine if you’re sending a message to another iPhone user and send the message via the internet instead of the normal[Read More…]

Shutting down your PC in Windows 8

A common gripe that many Windows 8 PC users have is the extra step that’s now seems to be needed to shut down the computer, but it doesn’t have to be that way. On a Windows 8 desktop machine you can use the keyboard shortcut of the windows key and ‘I’ then select settings, the power button and click ‘shut down’ or[Read More…]