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Amaysim named mobile service provider of the year

Amaysim named mobile service provider of the year

Low cost mobile service provider Amaysim has been awarded the top top in the mobile service provider category in the Roy Morgan Customer satisfaction awards for 2013. Amaysim entered the Australian market just 3 years ago and CEO Rolf Hansen says “people are catching on to the fact that there’s finally a better mobile deal in town”. Some of the features[Read More…]

Signing up for a New Mobile Phone? Read the fine print first

According to a 2010 survey by mobile service provider Amaysim, almost one fifth of mobile phone users are unhappy with their service contract and three quarters are dissatisfied with some aspect of their mobile service. Amaysim CEO Rolf Hansen, who offers up some tips for anyone thinking of signing up for a long term mobile phone contract. You can listen[Read More…]

Don’t mix up your acronyms in social media

It may seem obvious to you what acronyms like LOL , BRB and OMG mean, but according to a survey 2 in 5 Australians have no idea. The survey by mobile service provider Amaysim found that despite almost half of mobile and social media users actively using many of the commonly used acronyms, 43% admit to misunderstanding them. For example some interpreting[Read More…]