As a Netflix user you may not give much thought to how the viewing experience could be make better or how it could be made more fun, but you can bet that the team at Netflix are constantly thinking about it.

In fact twice a year Netflix employees from all areas of the company get together for a Hack Day where they dream up and create strange, interesting and possibly useful improvements for the streaming service along with other random ideas.

Among the day’s innovations from the latest Hack Day was Eye Nav, which lets users navigate and control Netflix by tracking eye moments and facial expressions.

Some other fun inventions included Shark Jump…a button feature that let you jump to each of the shark scenes in the Sharknado movie…and Lunch Bot, an application that randomly invites co-workers to get together for lunch after checking their calendars to make sure they are all available at the same time  (perhaps they could talk about what they watched on Netflix the previous night).

The video below shows off some of the other innovative and fun ideas to come out of this 2nd Netflix Day Day for 2018.

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