Tab 3 Kids - Front With BumperIt’s not uncommon to see kids playing with their parents smartphone or tablet device so Samsung has decided kids need their own Tablet and have just launched one called the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids.

It’s a 7inch tablet device based on the popular Galaxy tablets but it’s bright yellow with a soft orange bumper to make it easier to hold and maybe to cushion the fall if dropped…so it looks like something for kids but it’s what’s inside that counts.

The device has a pre-set kids overlay mode that includes pre-loaded content like games, e-books and educational apps plus there’s access to a special kids store online…which only parents can access with a PIN.

But wait, it’s not just for kids!

Interestingly the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids can also be flicked across to ‘grown ups’ mode and be used like a normal android tablet.  It costs $299 and you can get more info HERE.