Tuesday February 5, 2019 is Safer Internet Day – this is a globally recognised day that encourages everyone to make the internet better!

The theme for this year is “Together for a better internet” – which means that we all need to take responsibility and do our part both as individuals and together, to make the internet a better place. But where can you start?

Try putting these 4 critical skills for online safety into practise

  • Respect – Treating others online the way you like to be treated
  • Responsibility – Being accountable for your actions AND speaking out when you feel something is wrong.
  • Reasoning – Questioning what is real
  • Resilience – Getting back up from tough situations

You can find more information about what you can do to support Safer Internet Day at https://www.esafety.gov.au

While Safer Internet Day is all about working towards making the Internet a positive place through actions, there are also some common sense practices that can help you stay safe online. Here are some key tips.

Protect your hardware – Use reputable Internet security software on your desktop, notebook and mobile devices.

Think before you click – In email and social media.  The link to that ‘funny video’ may actually take you somewhere else.

Be cautious with Public / Free WiFi – Don’t do online shopping on banking on these types of networks

Communicate with your children – lay down some rules around internet / device usage at home and make sure they feel comfortable letting you know when they encounter something online that doesn’t feel right.