Many of the latest smartphones are capable of creating great looking video content…however the sound rarely matches realism of the vision – think about how you hear the world around you with your own ears.

Sennheiser has come up with a solution in the new Ambeo Smart Headset which allows users to record video on their iOS device with 3D sound.The result is a video with sound from the same perspective as if you were actually there…so when listening through any headphones you can hear which direction sounds are coming from…even above or behind you.

The Ambeo Smart Headset can also be used as regular earbud style headphones…but with a few more features built in such as noise cancellation that allows you to set the amount of ambient noise that comes though (So you’re better aware of your surroundings).

The Ambeo Smart Headset is available from JB HIFI for $469.95