If everyday technology is causing you stress here are some quick fixes to help you keep your sanity.

1. Battery Anxiety

When your smartphone battery drops below 20 percent do you….

Ask a total stranger for a charger (39 percent)*

Sectretly borrow someone elses charger (35 percent)*

Skip the Gym so you can charge you phone (33 percent)*

Solution:  Buy a backup battery pack and keep it with you.

*2016 survey results from LG Australia.

2. Email Overload

The average person sends and receives 120 email a day with just over 1 billion being sent/received each day globally.   

How do you manage this never ending stream of emails – it can easily get out of control.

Solution: Accept that not every email is that important that you have to read it.   Personally my feeling is that trying to organise your email into various folders is a waste of time given you can easily search you email.

Use a tool like Boomarang to schedule emails and even pause your inbox so you can control the flow to your inbox.

If you can let go…simply delete all your old emails.

3.Cracked / Broken device screens

How many people do you know that just put up with broken screens because they can’t go without their phone for an hour to have it fixed.   Prevention is easy…and the only cure.

The real issue here I think is FOMO (Fear of missing out)…A recent study by Huawei revealed that 24 percent of Australians are afraid they will miss out on key moments if they dont’ have their phone with them.

Solution:  You can get your phone fixed quickly…most likely in under an hour at your local shopping mall.  Ditch the fashion case and get a protective one so the next time your phone drops it won’t smash.