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Telstra annouce new Wireless Broadband plans

Wireless Broadband is enjoyed by many users in large city areas as a convenient way to get online when they are away from home, however if you live in an area where ADSL or Cable broadband isn’t available, a Wireless connection may be your only option.   Last week Telstra released new pricing details for the Wireless Next G Broadand[Read More…]

What’s coming to XBox360 in 2010

Today I spoke to Jeremy Hinton from XBox Australia about some of the recent announcements on what’s coming up for the XBox360 this year. Listen to the interview HERE.

Windows 7 – Have you updated?

Microsoft’s latest version of the Windows PC operating system has it’s critics, but Microsoft maintain that the quality of the product speaks for itself. Get more information on Windows 7 HERE.

Pocket High Definition Video Cameras

The average mobile phone is also capable of being a video camera…but have you tried watching it on your computer or TV? The quality is usually quite poor. So until phones mobile phones start packing better video capabilities, you could check out one of the Pocket Video Cameras on the market. Popular choices include… Kodak Zx1, JVC Picsio GCFM1, Flip[Read More…]

Update or Upgrade?

Does your computer need to be replaced or can you simply get away with upgrading some of it’s components? I spoke with Kate Burleigh from Intel on this topic. Listen Here