One of the best ways to organise of your important documents is to digitise them.

Naturally it can be useful to have digital versions of vital documents such as your driver’s license, passport, birth certificate and insurance documents but as we arrive at the end of the financial year you may like to take that further.

Research commissioned by Dropbox reveals that 38 percent of Australians admit their digital documents are a “hot mess”, meaning they usually have to hunt for what they are after.

One suggestion is to move all your important documents to a cloud storage platform and utilize the functions the platform provides to make things like sorting, searching and even sending easy.

Other suggestions from Dropbox include;

  • Making the decision to digitize your important files with technology can simplify your financial year and make it easier to prepare for the next.
  • Create folders to curate the chaos, and easily sort documents and files for easy access.
  • Send files to your accountant with the click of the button using Dropbox Transfer – they don’t even need a Dropbox account to receive them!
  • Password protect sensitive folders, so you can rest assured your key files are safe and sound.
  • Make good use of the good search function, and get access to documents when required.
  • Prepare for next year and utilise the platform’s ‘set and forget’ function to continuously sync files on a chosen device to the cloud. This way next tax time will be easier than ever!