If you have a new smartphone you also need a protective case…and here’s why.   You’re going to drop it, or someone else will drop it…or it will get bumped or knocked perhaps even stepped on…and then you’ll need to get it fixed.

Now when I say protective case…I mean a case that has been tested for protecting phones from being dropped…not a cute fashion case.  Also, depending on what case you do get, also consider a tempered glass screen protector.

Here’s what happened when i dropped an iPhone 8 recently.

Yes, I do appear to have cracked the screen, however…

What’s actually cracked is the tempered glass screen protector that I applied to the device in November…along with a protective case to defend against everyday knocks and drops.

In this instance the phone was saved thanks to the 3SIXT products you see here.   Yes these items mean spending more money…but it’s worth it for a device that’s already cost you a packet.