With 3 weeks ‘til mother’s day I thought I’d better jump in with a gadget gift suggestion for the mums.

The FaceSpa pro from Braun is the world’s first all in one smart device for hair removal, cleansing and enhancing skin appearance…featuring;

  • Braun’s 3-in-1, interchangeable heads, and two-speed device, offers an exciting new upgrade to your skincare routine.
  • The MicroVibration metal toning head provides an ultra-delicate, high-speed, pulsating motion, delivering 25 micro-vibrations per second for a glowing appearance.
  • Perfect performance with the new Smart timer feature that indicates when it’s time to change the treatment area, no matter what attachment is used.

It’s a pretty impressive beauty routine gadget perhaps for the busy mum who perhaps is too time poor for a full beauty salon treatment…but still deserves it.

**No I didn’t test this one myself.

The FaceSpa Pro will set you back just under 200 dollars from The Shaver Shop.

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