If you’re finding that your home WiFi network is sluggish at the best of times and there are spots around the house that it simply doesn’t reach into, then it’s time to update!

If speed is your main issue it could just be a case of updating your WiFi router hardware to take advantage of the latest speed technology (802.11AC is the latest), however if you’re in a large or multi-story house then you may need to consider some other options to help with coverage.

WiFi Range Extenders are additional devices you can use to push your base WiFi router’s coverage area further.

A Tri-Band ‘Blanket’ Network is also great to ensure continious connection on devices moving around your home – this is quite new technology.

Powerline networks use the electrical wiring in your home for a data network.

If you’re not very technically minded, don’t worry, your local electronics retailer should be able to give you some advice if you provide information about the area you want your WiFi network to cover, how many devices might connect to it and what you will primarily use it for.