Who’s at the door? Google knows.

With the launch of the Google Nest Doorbell (Battery) you’ll know more than just when someone’s at the door.  You can see it and record it with the built in camera, plus it’s smart enough to let you know when packages are left at your door.

Additionally when the Nest Doorbell is used with Google assistant displays and speakers you can set up visitor announcements so when someone rings the doorbell you’ll also hear an announcement.  This is great if you have a few Google Nest Speakers or Displays around the house so you don’t have to rely on an alert from your smartphone.

The Nest Doorbell is battery powered so installation is quick and you can still answer the door even when you’re not home with live audio and pre-programmed quick responses.

You can also level up with a nest aware subscription to add even more features to the nest doorbell.

Get more info on the Nest Doorbell (Battery) at the Google Store