Google’s new Nest Audio smart speaker looks to be a great replacement for the original Google Home that arrived in Australia just over 3 years ago, but how does it compare?

Naturally I fired up both the Google Home and new Nest Audio, firstly to hear how they compare as music speakers.

Now given that the Google Home contains just ONE speaker and the new Nest Audio contains TWO (A Tweeter and a a Mid-Woofer) you can hear a clear difference right away.  It’s going to be more obvious depending on what you listen to but I found that the Nest Audio had a more defined bass and was also brighter and gave more clarity around the higher frequencies.

Now I did take this one step futher and do a bit of a technical test using a live frequency response measurement tool which also demonstrated a nice little extra bump of bass sound response plus less roll off of the higher frequencies compared to the Google Home.

Keep in mind this is a $149 for something that does more than just play music from your favourite streaming service, so what Google has achieved in terms of sound quality is really great at this price point.