Andy Wells_EM Voices_B&WHi guys and girls.  Well if you’re reading this then you didn’t get to see me before my sudden departure from mcm a week ago.Needless to say I’m not happy about how by departure came about, especially after seeing it happen to so many other good people over the 15 years I’d been with the company.  However I’m going to do my best to make this a positive experience and put myself back in control of my career to continue my passion for audio and radio.I’ve already had no many kind messages from many of you along with offers to catch up for beer, coffee or lunch…some sort of official farewell.   I’d definitely like to do this in the coming weeks but I’m also very focused on getting myself employed again so let’s keep that conversation going.   I know someone floated the idea of a going away card which is also a nice idea, but as I’ve already gone it doesn’t quite feel right.

Now just for fun, if you’d like to kick in a few dollars for my “He’s already gone away” going away gift you can do it below thanks to that fancy thing called Paypal.

All the best until we meet again.


How much is Andy worth?
Anything you’d like to say?