Video games are great for your mental health!

In the US right now it’s Mental Health Awareness Month (In Australia it’s in October).  In the wake of the last year, there is increased awareness of mental health, and studies show that gaming has a role to play

More and more studies have shown that gaming has real benefits on players mental wellbeing. Through a virtual world, people have been able to do everything from ease their symptoms of PTSD to build social connections, finding moments of joy, fostering empathy and helping to reduce anxiety.

A recent XBox study found that for almost 83 percent players gaming provided a great distraction from stress while almost 39 percent said it even helped distracted them from physical pain.

Through the COVID-19 pandemic almost 72 percent of respondents in the study agreed that gaming helped them feel less isolated, showcasing how gaming helped them maintain connections with family and friends during challenging times. 

You’ll find more information about this study HERE.