Cyber criminals have had great time taking advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic over the past year, and with continuing outbreaks, ever changing restrictions and the promise of a vaccine in coming months, this is a trend that ‘s set to continue so security experts are urging Australians to be aware of scams.

In particular Avast security warns of cyber threats that can occur when using QR codes to check into to avoid being lead to a malicious website the tip here is to ensure you’re scanning the correct code as directed by the business itself.

Additionally an Avast security spokesperson has warned that with COVID-19 vaccinations starting in Australia in February “we can expect a surge in online vaccination scams, presented to users via fake shops and ads on social media. If people see vaccination offerings circulating on the internet, they need to keep in mind that the sale is likely too good to be true, as vaccinations should be distributed through official sources only. Instead of falling for shady scams, people should trust their local doctors and medical institutions for COVID-19 information and vaccinations.”

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