Baby Chickens = Allergy issues for some

Well “Spring has Sprung” and for allergy sufferers it can be a tough time of year with so much pollen in the air.  You may not be able to control this outdoors but there are solutions available to make the air around your home ‘cleaner’.

Earlier this year I looked at the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link as a room heater that would also ensure clean the air of pollutants.  Now that spring is here I had a more practical test.   Fluffy new-born Chickens.

As cute as they are, baby chicks are well known for creating very fine dust which can cause allergic reactions.  Using the Dyson product I wanted to firstly test the quality of the air and see if it could be improved in the same room as the chickens.    The great news is that it seems to be working quite well and when left in auto mode the Dyson purifier works harder when it detects that the air quality is dropping as a result of more fine particles in the air.

The free App that works with the purifier is great at tracking this progress along with measurements of temperature and humidity.   It’s also good  to know that you’ll get around 4000 hours out of each filter.

A few months ago, following the release of Dyson’s new Air Purifier Heater product I spoke with Dominic Mason, Head of Category for Environmental Control at Dyson in Singapore.   Here we discuss the problems with the air around our homes and what solution the new Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link™ purifier heater offers.  Listen below.