A hacker can crack a simple 6 character password in just a few seconds. 
If the passwords you use sound like they may fit into that category, it’s time to rethink your bad password habits and what better time than on World Password Day.

Instead of just using a simple word as a password, consider a longer phrase that uses a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters like underscores and exclamation marks.  For example Th3B!gBl@ckC@t

Research, commissioned by Auth0 working with YouGov revealed that 91 percent of us know that using the same password or a variation of it is risky…but 61 percent do it anyway.  If you’re also in the habit of using the same password for everything, use a password manager and then create unique passwords for everything.

According to the Australian consumers surveyed, when using a new website or online service, the main frustrations are creating a password that has to meet certain requirements (56%), entering private information such as a passport number, tax file number, medicare number, etc. (54%), and having to fill in long login or sign up forms (50%).As for re-using the same password,  it’s not just Australians doing it. Across the world, password reuse is still alive and well, with nearly nine in ten consumers (88%) admitting to the practice.

If you need help making secure new passwords, try a tool like https://passwordsgenerator.net/