Test Drive – 2017 Ford Escape

I recently took a 2017 Ford Escape for an extented test drive, and because reviewing vehicles is not what I do (though I did enjoy driving this car) I focused on the technology inside that offers much more than you expect in terms of helping you stay safe on the road.

Let’s start with parking.   It’s probably the most hated and stressful part of driving any car (A quick trip to the supermarket of busy shopping centre confirms that for me) but with the right tools it’s much easier…and safer.

The Ford Escape I drove was equipped with Park Assist for both Parallel and Perpendicular reverse parking and while this features is as simple as a button push, it did take a few parks for me to trust the car and make the process a little quicker.

Let’s start with Parallel parking…

…and now Perpendicular parking.

There are some more driver assist features (and the Infotainment system) that I found in the Ford Escape that I want to talk about…watch this space!