All in 1 PCs are great space savers as there’s no bulky computer box on the floor or on your desk.  You can pick one up from your local computer retailer…or you can build one yourself!

The starting point is a NUC…which is a compact, 4 inch by 4inch computer created by Intel.  These come in kit form so you add in your own hard drive, ram and operating system, but if you’re not that tech savvy you can buy them ready to go.

Then you simply mount the tiny NUC onto the back of the computer monitor of your choice (one that has a VESA mount), add a wireless keyboard and mouse…and you’ve got your own all in 1 PC.    

As a DIY job, it’s possibly to make your own NUC PC with an 10th Generation Intel core processor for under $1000 (with change).

For more informaton on NUC PCs visit the Intel website.