Can your phone be hacked?
Absolutely yes, but you can avoid it by taking a few easy precautions.

Leaving your phone unprotected is an opportunity for someone to access your most private (and financial) information and make it there own.  The consequences of this can be long lasting and time consuming to undo.
Think about everything you access on your smartphone, from social networks to personal and work email and Internet banking.   Once a criminal has access to you device it’s all up for grabs.

What you can do to protect your device.

  • Use a passcode to lock your smartphone when it’s not being used (and don’t use 1,2,3,4 as the code)
  • Never leave your phone unattended in plain sight (even at work)
  • Ensure you have good Internet Security software installed (I use Trend Micro)
  • Avoid unknown free public Wi-Fi hotspots – especially for doing financial transactions such as banking.
  • Use secure passwords and not the same password for all accounts.

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