Every year, thousands of Australians travel to Gallipoli to remember our heroic diggers — but for those who are unable to travel to Turkey, Google Street View can help you virtually explore the eastern coast and embrace the Anzac spirit.

Here are three locations to explore as a starting point to learning more about the campaign and the land on which it took place.

Anzac Cove.
Following the landing on 25 April 1915, the beach became the main base for the Australian and New Zealand troops for the eight months of the Gallipoli campaign.

Anzac Commemorative Site.
Located just north of Ari Burnu at North Beach, this is where Australian troops and New Zealand troops came ashore some minutes after the first landings in 1915. The site was dedicated to those who served on the 85th anniversary in 2000 in a ceremony attended by Australian Prime Minister John Howard, New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark and the Turkish Minister of Forestry.

Ari Burnu Cemetery.
This site was used throughout the occupation and until 2000, hosted the Anzac Day Dawn Service. 182 of the 253 buried here are Australian soldiers – 82 who served with the Australian Light Horse Regiments.

For more information, The Australian War Memorial details the Anzac Day tradition and why it is so special to Australians.