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Australian Tablet Ownership stats revealed

This may come as no surprise but Apple’s iPad dominates the Australian market as the most popular tablet device. The findings of the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association’s 8th annual mobile phone lifestyle index also revealed big jump in tablet device ownership, up from 16 percent to 40 percent over the past year. Additionally, among those who didn’t already own a tablet[Read More…]

Help! My iPhone / iPad won’t turn on!

Here’s a quick solution to a common problem experienced by iPhone and iPad owners – a device that won’t turn on. It may not every happen to you however I’ve recently heard about this problem from a few people – they go to turn their device on, and nothing happens…or it simply freezes while on…and won’t turn off. The good[Read More…]

Tips on Printing from your Tablet device

Tips on Printing from your Tablet device

Tablet computers are capable of doing most of the same tasks that everyday desktop or notebook computers can do, but there’s one in particular that be a bit tricky to work out. Printing. It sounds simple right? But until recently getting a document or image from a tablet device was fiddly to say the least, but arm yourself with a[Read More…]