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Check list for your new Mobile Phone on XMas day

If you’re lucky enough to unwrap a new smartphone on Christmas day, AVG Australia recommends the following tips to keep it, and yourself protected. Firstly as soon as the wrapper is off and the device is powered up, change all default passwords and review all privacy settings. Then before you take it out of the house, install and activate options[Read More…]

Twitter Safety Tips

Twitter Safety Tips

Like Facebook, Twitter has made made a big impact on the way people communicate socially online…but among its users are spammers and cyber criminals. AVG’s tips on staying safe on Twitter include encouraging users to be weary of unusual activity from other users, think twice before clicking on a link and to be protective of their own private information. If[Read More…]

iPhone 5 Scam warning

Cyber criminals love nothing more than to latch onto a big news story, celebrity or the latest must have gadget to try and steal your information or money. It’s no surprise then that following the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5, the scammer have been quick to jump onto the hype and generate spam emails designed to lure unsuspecting victims with[Read More…]

Zombie Android devices & Malicious Angry Birds – AVG Community Threat Report

The latest community threat report released by AVG Technologies reveals and Android Bootkit that turns smartphones into “Zombies”, a malicious Trojan inside an unofficial Angry Birds app and PC users are still being tricked into clicking by sex and scandal. This week I spoke with AVG AU/NZ security advisor Michael McKinnon about these threats and some tips on prevention.  You[Read More…]

Internet Security and EOFY

Chances are you’ll be sorting out your tax return in the coming months and if like many you’ll be doing it online there’s a few things to watch out for. Cyber criminals love tax time.  Like any other big event they’ll use it to try and trick you into visiting fake websites hoping to steal information so AVG Australia has[Read More…]