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Are you ‘over-sharing’ on Facebook?

How much personal information are you sharing online with people you don’t know? Facebook is a great way to share anything and everything with friends…but if you don’t have your privacy settings right then you could be over-sharing on a global scale. One easy way to view how other people view your Facebook page is to use the website[Read More…]

Cleaning out your Facebook ‘Friends’

As the end of the year draws close, how does your Facebook friends list look?  Probably longer than it was at the start of the year…but how many are actually your friends…or even use it to regularly keep in touch with you? If this sounds like your situation then it may be time for a Facebook friends clean out…but it[Read More…]

Tech Daily is now on Facebook

Tech Daily now has its own Facebook Page. If you have any computer/ gadget or technology questions in general feel free to post them on the Facebook page.