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Frustrated with your PC? You’re not the only one

Frustrated by the performance of your PC? Well you’re not the only one. A recent survey revealed that many people would rather visit the dentist for a check-up than deal with computer problems. The website suggests that cleaning out old content can really made a difference to your PC’s performance so if you’re having problems with a sluggish computer definitely consider doing a clean[Read More…]

Hands-on with the new Wii U

Recently I had the opportunity to get hands-on with Nintendo’s Wii U (launching November 30), but it’s an opportunity that’s been open to many as Nintendo took the new console on tour. That’s just part of my latest wrap-up of video games news as seen on  

Staying safe during the “Click Frenzy”

Staying safe during the “Click Frenzy”

Tonight from 7pm, Australians will have the opportunity to nap some great online bargains with – a 24hour online-only sale from retailers including Myer, Target & Dick Smith. This online sale will attempt to replicate the success of “Cyber Monday” in the U.S which has become one of the biggest shopping days of the year. With any significant online[Read More…]

The latest Video Games news – watch the video

Here’s the latest edition of “The Weekly Update” from Bigpond GameArena, presented by Andy Wells. This week featuring the launch of The New Super Mario Bros. 2 on 3DS, plus the new 3DSXL console from Nintendo…and Video Games at the Olympics? Maybe!

Zombie Android devices & Malicious Angry Birds – AVG Community Threat Report

The latest community threat report released by AVG Technologies reveals and Android Bootkit that turns smartphones into “Zombies”, a malicious Trojan inside an unofficial Angry Birds app and PC users are still being tricked into clicking by sex and scandal. This week I spoke with AVG AU/NZ security advisor Michael McKinnon about these threats and some tips on prevention.  You[Read More…]