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Safety tips for Facebook users

With hundreds of millions of users each month, the social networking website Facebook holds a wealth of personal information, making it a big target for criminals who want to steal and sell private data. With so much activity on Facebook, Internet security company AVG suggests that users need to stop and think before they post information and reply to messages[Read More…]

Video Games for the Winter Olympics

Getting into the spirit of the Winter Olympics doesn’t have to just involve watching the events on your TV, you can now participate…with the help of a couple of video games. One fun family title for Nintendo Wii and DS is “Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games”. Starring some of the most popular and fun video games characters,[Read More…]

3D TV coming to Australia this year

3D TV coming to Australia this year

Among the many manufacturers promising 3D TV compatible sets this year is Panasonic. I caught up with Paul Reid, Director, Consumer Electronics Group, Panasonic Australia to talk about the 3D TV Buzz and what we can expect from 3D TV Technology this year. Listen to the intervew HERE.

Telstra helps Seniors get Web Smart

Telstra is helping seniors make the most of modern technology by making grants of up to 50 thousand dollars available to community organisations who provide appropriate training. The Telstra Seniors grants will enable both local and state community organisations to help senors conquer any technology fears that they may have and embrace a new world of communication. Along with funding,[Read More…]

Sharing your iTunes Library

The latest edition of Apple’s iTunes software has a handy new feature that will appeal to households that have multiple iTunes users under the same roof. Ok, so there’s a chance that you may not have the same tastes as everyone else at home, but you’re bound to want to listen to to watch something that they have at some[Read More…]