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Wireless iPhone Charger

Recharging your battery would have to be one of the low points of owning a mobile phone. The routine of Finding, untangling and plugging the power adaptor into your phone will soon be a distant memory, thanks to new wireless charging technology. The new Olin Wireless Charger for iPhone 3G uses a uses a universal wireless power system that allows[Read More…]

Converting old Mobile Phones into Cash for Charity

A recent study has revealed that Australia is a country of Mobile Phone hoarders, with up to 20 million unused mobile handsets in homes and businesses around the country. While mobile phone recycling programs already exist, the Sony Foundation and Canteen have just launched the ‘You Can’ campaign to turn your old mobile phone into a donation for a good[Read More…]

Chat Roulette anyone?

If there’s one rule we drill into children these days, it’s don’t talk to strangers…especially online, however one of the latest web novelties throws that rule out the window and serves up a very random chat room experience. Once you load up you’ll see a window where your video image will appear and other window that, once you hit[Read More…]

Twitter Safety Tips

1. Limit what you say It’s easy to tweet about where you are and what you’re doing, but do you think about who is listening? What might seem like a harmless comment initially could be used to piece together a picture of your whereabouts and plans! Unless your tweets are protected, they are going to be out in the public[Read More…]

Extra Large Nintendo DSi on the way

Extra Large Nintendo DSi on the way

Nintendo’s popular handheld games console is about to be upsized! The Nintendo DS claims the ranking of the highest selling games console in Australia for the past 4 years running and next month Nintendo will release the latest model…the DSi XL. The screens on Nintendo DSi XL are 4.2″, which makes the screen on Nintendo DSi XL 93 per cent[Read More…]