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Your Mobile Phone and the Internet

The latest Mobile phones perform much like computers but along with the connectivity of these devices comes many of the threats that your Desktop and Notebook computers encounter everyday. This week I spoke to LLody Borrett from AVG Australia about Mobile Phone security and what users can do to stay out of trouble. You can listen HERE.

Confused by 3D TV?

3D TV has landed in Australia with Samsung being the first on the market. Today I spoke with Mark Leathan, the head of Marketing (Consumer Electronics), about the different 3D sets on the market. We talk about why 3D eyewear at home is different to what you wear in the cinema and the differences between 3D LED LCD TV and[Read More…]

iPad Delay

Apple’s iPad has officially been a runaway success in the U.S, with half a million units delivered during its first week of sales. While this is great news for Apple, it has also resulted in a delayed release of the iPad for the rest of the world, including Australia. The iPad lets users browse the web, read and send email,[Read More…]

The Computer Mouse turns 29

April 27 marked the 29th anniversary of the very first publicly available computer mouse in 1981. A year later Microsoft introduced its first computer mouse, however it was only 11 years ago that we saw the demise of those frustrating mice with the little rubber ball inside. Read more about the history of Computer Mice HERE.

Aussies spend up big on Tech goodies

Australians are spending up big on the latest gadgets, parting with 5.9 billion dollars for digital technology last year alone. Canon’s Consumer Digital Lifestyle index reveals that our love affair with LCD TVs continues, making up 38.1 percent of tech sales in 2009…up a whopping 40 percent over the previous year. Other popular gadget buys included Video Game consoles which[Read More…]