Mobile payments on the rise

Online shopping and payments are big business.  According to a new industry report report from PayPal the online retail market has grown 11 percent year on year since 2010 and mobile payments have grown by more than 5000 percent. The driving force behind these figures is the development of technology that enables retailers to operate online while taking advantages of[Read More…]

Cybercrime reaps in $1.06 billion in Australia

Cybercrime reaps in $1.06 billion in Australia

  The 2013 Norton Report released last week by Symantec has revealed that 5 million Australians have been affected by Cybercrime over the past year at a total cost of 1.6billion Australian dollars. Today I spoke with David Hall from Symantec Australia about the findings of the Norton report, including the impact of mobile devices and social networks. Listen below.  [Read More…]

The 4year itch – Updating your old PC

Intel reports that there are now more than 300 million computers globally that are more than 4 years old and many users of these machines are frustrated by their performance. Recently I spoke with Anna Torres from Intel Australia about how these old PCs compare to the latest offerings with 4th generation Intel processors inside.  Listen below.