Dell XPS 13 9300 (Model 9300) non-touch notebook computer, codename Modena.

Dell’s new XPS 13 – Thinner & Smaller

Dell’s XPS 13 has for many years been a popular device among those who like to be productive, creative and mobile so it’s no surprise that its among the range being featured at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  At the CES Unveiled event I spoke with Cami Collins from Dell to find out what’s new with the[Read More…]

What to expect from Lifestyle Tech in 2020

Andy Wells from Tech Daily chats with Living in Digital Times founder Robin Raskin about what we can expect from Lifestyle Tech in 2020.

The Rise of the Digital Wallet

The Rise of the Digital Wallet

If you’re not using cash what’s your preferred way to pay? While tap and go debit and credit cards are popular (and certainly convenient) what about ditching the wallet or purse altogether and just using your phone? I recently spoke to Mark Hodgson, Head of Samsung Pay Australia about the growing popularity of digital wallets and specifically what Samsung Pay offers[Read More…]

Small Business Shifts to Digital to Survive

Small Business Shifts to Digital to Survive

Traditional ‘bricks & mortar’ Australian small businesses are looking to shift to operate entirely online in the future.  That’s one of the key findings in The Economy of Shopping Small report, commissioned by American Express. The report also highlights many of the risks of shifting to an ‘online only’ business, however it also reveals that 65 per cent of consumers[Read More…]

John McAfee on the run and coming to Australia

Tech entrepreneur John McAfee is coming to Australia this month for StartCon but apparently he’s a wanted man on the run.  Late last week I was given an opportunity to interview John via Skype from an undisclosed location.  Watch below. StartCon is happening in Sydney November 22-23.