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Take a look around any workplace, especially offices, and you're sure to see at least one motivational poster…well at you'll find a whole range of 'demotivational' posters and other merchandise.  My favourite is the poster with 'Apathy' in big letters, followed by smaller text which says "…if we don't take care of the customer, maybe they will stop bugging us'
There are social etiquette rules to follow for just about any situation…and as the name of this website suggests, that includes the elevator.
For example, did you know that Conversations in the elevator are generally discouraged, however, it is acceptable to continue a conversation that was started before boarding as long as it is not clearly irritating others in the elevator.

Everyone has one of these somewhere in the photo collection…that picture where you happened to press the shutter button at exactly the right moment…and ended up with either something amazing or just plain hilarious.
Here's a whole website full of them.  Look out for the photo of the golf ball about to hit the camera…now that's a perfectly timed shot!

Also this week – Turning your WebCam into a Security Camera

While many new computer have a Web Camera built into them, they are still a relatively cheap item to pickup…and when used with the right software they can operate as a security camera.
Maybe someone keeps taking things of your desk at home and you want to catch the culprit, or maybe you're going away on holidays and you wan't to keep an eye on the place…your computer and webcam can help out.

Now there are many programs on the market that you can use with your webcam, but i've found a couple of freebies.

Firstly, one called Vitamin D, which is a professional grade product offering a free version for single camera users.  It has all sorts of advanced features that, not only utilise motion sensing features, but also have the ability to email you when something happens that you need to see. (like someone walking in the room where the camera is)

A lighter program in terms of features is YawCam which also has the ability to capture both images and video at preset times, plus motion sensing features so it will only record when something is actually happening.  You can opt to have images uploaded online too which is probably handy if it's capturing video of someone breaking in to steal the computer…that way they don't get away with the evidence. Visit

Back next week thanks to AVG Internet Security.  AVG is tough on threats, easy on you. Buy AVG Internet security home edition that covers 3 computers for 1 year for just $95.99.  Visit


If you missed this week’s segment you can listen HERE

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